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1. How do I take it?

To see our dosage information click here.

2. Is this Organic ?

There is sulphur that is organically sourced and there is sulphur that isnt. But all MSM Sulphur has to go through a chemichal process for it to go to crystal flakes stage. This is the purest MSM Sulphur on the market and organic at source.

3. Are there any side effect to taking Organic MSM Sulphur?

Absolutely not. From all the thousands of studies that have been done on this mineral all the results have come back with amazing benefits.

4. I'm struggling to sleep at night. Is this because of the MSM Sulphur?

Yes. A lot of people do notice a massive boost in energy levels and find it hard to sleep if they take it too late. So depending on what time you sleep we recommend in taking your last dose between 5pm and 7pm. Or could be a bit of trial and error for you to find the best time for yourself.

5. Can I take it with Vitamin C?

Yes you can. It works very well with vitamin C but it has to be a good vitamin C like Organic Camu Camu powder nont an Acorbic Acid powder.

6. How long before I see results?

Some people notice as soon as they tae it their energy level increases. Some people say ithin 2 weeks they notce hair loss reduction. Some people notice going through a detox for the first 2 weeks and have flu like symptoms. Some people notice their sweat smells funny. Thats just the toxins being released from the body. If you are going through a detox stage, dont stop taking it just increase the amount of Organic MSM Sulphur you are taking it will make you go through the detoc stage quicker.

People that have diabetes have reprted that within 7 days of taking it their readings have gone down drammatically and within 2 weeks their readings have come down to 6 Mol from as high as 20 Mol.

The longer you take the better the results and once you increase the dose after the 2 weeks the results will be fenominal.

We have been selling on Ebay for over a year. We have a 100% possitve feedback. Our customers are amazed and blown away by our product. and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied and you get no results just send us email, return the product and we will 100% refund you. No questions asked. 

7. Can I take it when pregnant and or nursing?

There is no information about taking it when pregnant. However, my wife is currently breastfeeding our 19 month old and takes it once a day in the morning. She noticed our son was not sleeping well at night because he seemed to have a brust of energy in the evening when she was taking it twice a day.

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