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What is Organic MSM Sulphur?

In simple terms Organic MSM Sulphur is naturally found in humans, animals, plants and vegetables that we eat. It's the third or fourth largest mineral in our body and is essential for generation of every cell in our body.  So why do I need to take it?

We are undergoing a massive chemical assault on a broad variety of our foods from pesticides and chemical based fertilizers. These chemical compounds have an adverse effect on sulphur and other nutrients, both in the soil and in our bodies. It has been clinically proven through our own government’s research that the application of pesticides destroys beneficial soil microbes that are needed to pull minerals and nutrients from the soil into the plants. The same way that sulphur works as a delivery and transport mineral in our bodies to usher nutrition into our cells is the same thing it does in the soil. Sulphur hooks up with all of the nutritional elements in the ground and drives them from the dirt into the roots of the plants. The extensive application of pesticides and chemical based fertilizers have significantly interfered with this sulphur cycle. That means that our diets are devoid of a comprehensive range of minerals and nutrients, including organic sulphur, because modern farming practices have hindered this natural process from taking place correctly. In addition to that we are inundated with thousands of other chemicals in our water, air, cosmetics, household products, and from environmental pollution.


Secondly refined and processed foods contain almost no usable sulphur or minerals. Given the fact that the vast majority of people are eating far too many refined and processed foods that have had their nutritional components stripped out almost entirely, there is no possible way you can expect to receive sufficient sulphur or other essential minerals and nutrients to ward off disease from diet alone unless you take supplements. When talking about processed foods, we also need to include pasteurized foods too. Pasteurization cuts the MSM content by approximately 50 percent. To ensure you’re getting the most MSM from any food, it must be either raw or as minimally processed as possible, which is highly unlikely for the majority of people.

But what is MSM really? The scientific bit...

Methylsulfonylmethane (CH3SO2CH3) is the natural form in which sulphur makes a cyclical journey from the food chain into the earth and back again, known as the earth’s “sulphur cycle”.

Algae and several forms of plankton are capable of absorbing massive amounts of inorganic sulphur from seawater, and of converting this into a simple, organically-bound form. When these algae and plank-tonic organisms die, enzymatic processes result in the breakdown of the organic molecules into DMS, or Dimethylsulfide. This compound is volatile and poorly soluble in water.

It collects in the stratosphere, where it is oxidized under the influence of ultraviolet light into DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide), and further converted into MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane).

DMSO and MSM are highly soluble in water, and therefore concentrate easily in atmospheric water vapour, returning to earth in the form of rain. Plant roots rapidly collect and concentrate these sulphur sources.

Laboratory research has shown, that a one part per million mixture of radioactive labelled DMSO and MSM, can concentrate hundred fold in plant roots within hours.

Due to this process, rainwater contains a lot of MSM. It is also abundantly found in fresh fruit and vegetables in amounts generally ranging from 1 to 4 mg/kg. Raw milk from cows which graze in pastures contains 2 to 5 mg/kg MSM.

MSM is volatile and is rapidly lost when consumables are heated during food preparation or pasteurization. Pasteurized milk therefore contains less than 0.25 mg/kg MSM, roughly the same amount found in milk from cows fed dried, artificial food. MSM is also lost when vegetables and fruit are frozen for a lengthy period of time, or when they are irradiated.

The realities of the modern food industry, in which a great portion of everything consumed is either heated, irradiated, or frozen for a period of time, most people in post-industrial societies suffer from a chronic shortage of MSM.

This is why supplementation of MSM Sulphur is essential to the human body.

Our Organic MSM Sulphur is ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 certified. It is Non-GMO as defined by European Union in Article 2.2 of Directive 2001/18/EC. It has been analyzed using doc ISO17025 and accredited LGC screening methods for compounds within the Service Level Agreement: Nutritional Supplements V2.0. It is also Kosher certified through Orthodox Union and Halal certified by the Islamic Food and nutrition Council of America.

Each batch is throughouly analysed at an independent third party laboratory that provides each batch with a full certificate of analysis. Each batch gets a physicochemical analysis for the purity, melting point, water content and DMSO content of the Organic MSM Sulphur. As Organic MSM Sulphur is a biolive supplement it is very important that it also gets analysed for microbiological content like Enterobacteria, Escherichia Coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus. Also analysed are the parts per millions of metals like Aluminium, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury and Lead.

Buy with confidence knowing Organic MSM Sulphur has been tested and is definitely the purest MSM Sulphur unlike many other cheaper Chinese versions that contain heavy metals harmfull to your health. 

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